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URGrafix | Puppet hood Video | Graphics | Web | Print | Advertisement

A marketing video we had made from Broadcast king. URGrafix is a design/print agency based out of The Seattle/Tacoma/PNW area. With a lot of experience working with businesses in the cannabis/hemp/CBD industry.
DJ drop:


This is URGrafix
Hit you with that magic
Yeah, Joe and Jess you know that they holding it down with the crown
Yeah, get the best graphic design around
And the website design too
Or the printing services
You know you deserving this
Based outta Seattle/Tacoma Washington
You know they get the get they goin with the flow
That’s why you gotta get it if you cool bro
Even in the cannabis industry
They holdin it down on lock
with them cause you know they keepin it 100
whether its design, or the packaging
Internationally, it don’t matter
All around the globe you know that they givin you the best
Yeah! From the east to the west
So hit em up on the FB or the IG
Or URGrafix.com
And the LinkedIn too
Cause they’re needing proof
5 star reviews on the FB and Google
So you know they they’re rude bro
All they do is go go go!


URGrafix take em to the magic yo
Cause you know they don’t stop
What ever you need
You know they’re going to be there
You gunna get the imagery
The best that you ever seen
That’s why they holdin it down with the crown
Cause they the best
They don’t mess around
Ohh no no
yeah yeah

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We are URGrafix offering Printing Services,  Graphic Design Services and Web Design since 2009.

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