We are so excited to now be able offer our website customers a safe and dependable way to process credit card transactions on their WordPress + Woocommerce website! We have successfully set up and installed #janepay on two of our websites so far and excited to add more! We wanted to make it even easier to start the switch, so we’ve gone ahead and written out a complete step by step guide to setting up your new account. Once that part is finished, we will write up another article to help integrate into your WordPress website with Woocommerce. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions, questions or input and we will be sure to address! 😀

First you need to visit Janepay.me and click Register

Make sure you select “Merchant” as your user type

Once your account is created, you will need to login to your new account and visit the tab that reads “Merchants” so you can add your new webstore!

Now, click on the button labeled New Merchant

Make sure you fill in all required fields. In the field LABELED “Note”, enter anything you like for reference. You can enter many different web stores in a single account so this field can be used in numerous ways. When complete, hit “Submit”

That’s it! You are all set. You are now ready to start accepting payments for your Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Seed Bank, or Kratom ecommerce site!

You will need the Merchant ID for integration with Woocommerce. Contact us to begin your new Cannabis, Hemp, Kratom or Seed Bank website today!


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