Scotch Extra Strength Adhesive Roller


We get about 100 seed packs per roller and roughly 150 for shatter packs so purchase accordingly. We highly recommend amazon prime also for super fast shipping.

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Extra strength permanent adhesive roller for paper & embellishments. Double-sided segmented tape is perfect for many applications. Photo safe.

This stuff is the best for our custom shatter pack adhesive and seed packaging. We have gone through so many different adhesives and this is what we’ve stuck with (pun intended). Amazon prime get’s them to you super fast and at a decent price. Please note! The price on our site may change when you click the link and purchase on Amazon. As of today, January 17th 2018, they are $6.99 each. 1 roller can do about 100 seed packs and you can get about 50% more (about 150 per roller) when using for our shatter packs.


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