About the URGrafix Team

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Short History of Our Team

URGrafix is a small team of graphic & website developers who have been working hard to provide the best customer service and top quality work over the past ten years just about. Jessica and joe have a well established spot in the cannabis community and have worked with some of the top names in the industry. They look forward to building long lasting relationships with their clients and treat everyone as if they were high dollar high budget clients even though their rates are closer to an amateurs rates.

URGrafix, aka Unrated Grafix (name retired several years ago but still refer to it sometimes), works off of the rule of Karma when it comes to business relationships. We stick to our word and communicate primarily via email, text, chat, or other forms of written communication so there is no later confusion on projects. At this time, everything is ran out of a home office keeping the overhead very low which they pass on to their clients!

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With Updates!

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My first experience was flawless, and inspiring ! These guys have exceptional customer service, and stellar products ! you guys have a loyal customer here !

Sly Vegas

Sly Vegas

When they showed me my new company logo I was just speechless! Can’t wait to be doing more business with the UR Grafix team💚

Darius Hotbox

Darius Hotbox

Stoners Hotbox (Facebook group)

Always makes my ideas come to life…actually they improves them really. Great hard working family focused people. Love these folks.

Brett Cummings

Brett Cummings

Turn off snow