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Free Sticker Mockup Template

So, you may have seen our sticker mockups around. They make awesome social media cover photos, profile pictures, heck.. I’ve even seen someone print it on a t-shirt! I decided to create a template that is easy to edit (as long as you have Adobe Photoshop) with basic skill needed. Here are step by step instructions on how to get your own custom sticker mockup background to use however you please. If you like this article please share! We use this site to promote our cannabis advertising network, CannAds, so sharing is very much appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!


Step 1. Download template file by clicking [purchase_link id=”1588″ style=”button” color=”dark-gray” text=”HERE”] (this file is pretty big! may take a while with slower internet speeds)

Step 2. Make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed and then open up ‘StickerMockupTemplate.psd’

Step 3. Locate the layer located in the folder labeled ‘Single Sticker’ as seen in screenshot, and double slick on it to open up.

Step 4. Hide (click the icon shaped like an eyeball) or delete the layer labeled ‘REPLACE THIS DESIGN’ with your graphic. Make sure you add a border around the design to replicate the sticker look. I’ll write up another article on how to do that a little later so be sure to follow our blog!

Step 5. Make sure to save file once you’ve updated it with your graphic.

Step 6. Admire your new sticker mockup! Note: The size that you make your graphic within that artboard will change the size of the sticker so you may need to increase or decrease the size depending on your design dimensions.


You can get a few different looks with this mockup. If you want to hide the center sticker and just have the mockup background, here is what you do…

Step 1. Locate the folder labeled ‘Single Sticker’ and hide it by clicking on the eyeball icon

Step 2. Brighten the opacity on the folder labeled ‘Sticker Mockup Background’ to 100%.

That’s it! Make sure to Save As if you want to keep this template for future projects. I’ve loved and used this template for quite a while now and it never gets old! It’s a great tool to show off new designs or just make a cool pattern for a number of uses. You can change the canvas size to suit your needs and edit to your hearts desire! My only ask is that you do not try and sell or profit the original template. As always, sharing is caring and please let us know what you think in the comment section. 🙂

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure your design file looks just like you want your sticker to look. If you want the sticker to be die-cut, make sure the design you use doesn’t have a white square/rectangle background.
  • Your sticker/graphic file needs to have a solid background. Meaning, you may need to add a white/black or matching color stroke to your design in order for it to appear more like a sticker. Look for another blog post explaining that a little more in detail.
  • As much as I would love to keep our URGrafix logo in the bottom right corner, feel free to remove it by hiding that layer (with the little eyeball icon) or deleting altogether. My feelings won’t be hurt. 😉


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