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Best WordPress help websites. Tutorials and support for beginners and advanced. Online guides, video tutorials, and PDFs.

No matter if you are the advanced WordPress user or you just start playing with it. Once you’re working with WordPress do not miss the collection of WordPress help resources like online tutorials, video guides, and PDFs to download.

WordPress tutorials for beginners step by step


Here you can find a set of basic WordPress tutorials prepared by the PixelEmu. On this user-friendly website, you’ll get the full information about installing and configuring WordPress as well as information on how to start with WordPress.

There is full clean documentation through WordPress theme installations to using the WordPress elements such as menu, blog post configuration or language translation. All WordPress help tutorials you will find useful for both beginners and advanced users. You can quickly discover WordPress possibilities and learn it step by step.


It’s a free WordPress resource site for Beginners. Their goal is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress help that allows WordPress beginners to improve websites.

The impressive collection of almost 500 tutorials (including real examples, tips, and hacks) should allow you to extend the power of CMS WordPress.


This WordPress help related website is focused on tutorials that should ensure you a simple and easy learning from the beginning. In resources, you will find practical WordPress help guides related to the WordPress content management system: WordPress basics, settings, categories, posts, media, pages, tags. There is also a WordPress online training section with many videos available.


This site offers 40 comprehensive and complex WordPress tutorials called by them as “The best WordPress tutorials on the web, from basic to advanced”. Each tutorial article redirects to other WordPress help website and contains a lot of content, including images, examples and more.


It’s a transparent web page purposed for those who want to start a blogging or set up a business website. It’s 100% focused on WordPress. Currently, they offer 13 topics, where you can find how to add posts, pages, make a customization, and submit your posts on social media.

WordPress tutorials for advanced


It’s a very reliable and proven source of information related to WordPress support and help. You will find here a long list of available topics for tutorials including sections like Plugins and Customization, Advanced Techniques, Server, and Database Information.


Discover a set of WordPress tutorials purposed for advanced users and those who are looking for solutions for specific WordPress management and configuration issues. You will find here a number of very useful tutorials, packed with many examples and images or screenshots. The guides are clear, the topics are nicely arranged, it’s easy to find the topic we are looking for.


This site offers 40 comprehensive and complex WordPress tutorials called by them as “The best WordPress tutorials on the web, from basic to advanced”.

WordPress video tutorials


The website showing off the rich collection of WordPress Video Tutorials
Each section comes with a set of videos related to WordPress help and support. Learn how to use favorite tools and WordPress features on your website or blog. The site is regularly updated, you can expect more videos there.


The video for beginners and advanced WP users.

Learn how to make correctly a killer WordPress website step by step. Check how to optimize it for your visitors and the search engines. Use free tools and drive more traffic.


Video WordPress tutorial for beginners on how to create a website with WordPress. It’s the 20 min guide showing off the WordPress basics.
Learn the step by step and create an amazing website without WordPress coding knowledge.


WordPress help video for beginners. Watch the video and discover how to create a WordPress website from scratch, quickly and easily.

This 71 minutes long video includes also tips related to various SEO WordPress plugins to help your website show up in search results.

WordPress PDF tutorials to download


This WordPress PDF tutorial comes with 38 pages of complex WordPress help knowledge: Installation, Settings, writing settings, reading settings, discussion settings.


20-page step by step WordPress help website with PDF guides for absolute beginners who want to get an experience with WordPress and start blogging or managing a WordPress website.

It focuses more on avoiding mistakes typical for beginners who just got started. Available to download for FREE. It includes information about the installation, plugins, configuration and some useful tips as well.


Easy WP WordPress Guide written by Anthony Hortin.

This simple WordPress help manual will guide you through the process of editing your website content. You can download the free PDF for personal use or choose one of two available premium versions (for mobile users or for consultants).


Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Website in 2018.
Are you looking to make a website without coding skills? Read the comprehensive step by step WordPress guide. It’s a complete overview from start to finish. Recommended for all WordPress users.

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