How to sign up for an adsense account

This is where you need to start if you want to start earning ad revenue from your website. The reason we start off your membership with a free website is because you will need it in order to get approved by Adsense. It is very important that you read the TOS and don’t every try and be sneaky when it comes to encouraging ad clicks. It will never be worth Google blocking your account which could lead to losing any money in your account.

The following is just a snippit of info from doing a google search on “How to sign up for an adsense account” and it comes directly from their website.

Submit your application.

The most important thing for success with AdSense is having a website with great content that delights your users – before you apply to AdSense, check that your site has interesting and original content. And of course, you need visitors too, or no one will see your ads, so make sure that people know about your site before you place ads on it.

There are some rules about what kind of content is acceptable which you should read. We’ve also put together these helpful tips for application success. When you’re ready:

If your website is on one of our host partner sites (like Blogger, YouTube, or Hubpages, among many others), you should sign up through your account there – these sites follow a different application process.

Verify your information.

We check the information in your application (your address, URL, etc.) and send you an email regarding the status of your application within one day.

If your application is not approved, you’ll receive an email explaining the disapproval reason and the possible next steps that you can take.
A member of our cannacommunity needs our help!

Our latest helping hand goes towards our Facebook friends Janet & Shelly. You can read more about their story on the GoFundme page created by a relative. Every dollar helps toward something that should be getting media attention due to the damages that are going ignored by the city. The following video is from their campaign page.

Soon we will post the logo design we will be doing for Thai Natural Remedies in Michigan, a medical cannabis company. They have donated $100 on behalf of URGrafix for a logo design. Since we are doing a special and every payment processing place takes fees, it made sense to just have them pay the campaign directly. We hope this gets some more exposure to their story also.

When we get the chance to help out by using our services as a bartering tool, we jump on it.

A month or so ago we got to donate a gift certificate for a custom logo design and facebook graphics to help support a great cause in the canna community. Before that, we were able to have an awesome custom Dope Jar etched (will be sending that off very soon!) which was intended to auction off also helping someone in the canna community. It feels good to give back and when many people have that same mind set it really can help!10930989_452295148269477_8622274683321762992_n

Thank you for reading and we will be updating our blog once the design is complete. If you haven’t yet, please share the gofundme campaign if you can’t afford to donate. Don’t you wish someone would do it for you if you needed the help? I sure would… 🙂CannacommunityLogo

Do you have someone in mind or a company in mind that is in dire need of our help? Send us a message and we will help if and when we can. We try to donate when we can although we may not always be able to help.


Online Shop Website Design

Sell anything online!

Whether it be t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software. Even affiliated products from a marketplace. It’s all possible.

When you get an online shop website design from URGrafix, you will get the best. We use Woocommerce and have experience to give you the best online shop for your money. This means you don’t have to use an outside source to manage payments, stock levels, shipping & taxes. This is all built in to your website backend.


All of our E-commerce websites come bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card & PayPapaypal-iconl account payments), BACS, and Cash on Delivery. We can also integrate specific payment gateway upon request.*


Set up shop with the options of offering free shipping, or flat rate shipping. Cater for specific distribution logistics, like table rate shipping, through a variety of shipping extensions.*


Easily manage your digital or physical products with Woocommerce’s intuitive and WP centric UI. Rest assured your shop will scale with your growth. Assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.


Keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales & reviews, stock levels & general store performance, all from your WordPress backend.


Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits & product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.


Tax is the last thing you want to think about when opening a shop. We’ve made it simple. Configure tax settings with tax classes & local tax rates.

These are just the built in features and abilities your website will have and all without leaving your website! We have been doing this for a while so let us take the confusing and tedious work on for you.

Everything in this post can be added on to your current WordPress website or we can build you a brand spanking new website. Read more about what our basic and most common website package costs and what all comes with here.

One Time Fee: Varies (quoted before hand)

Monthly Fee: $30/mo or $300/year with Media Temple for hosting.

Optional: $50-$100/month maintenance package. The alternative to this is maintaining necessary plugins and backups (mentioned in that link) yourself, or hire an employee to do it.

We are ready for your project whenever you are. If you have read enough and are ready to take your business or idea to the next level, contact us!

Want to make money at home?

One of the types of websites URGrafix specializes in building is ad revenue generating websites. The drive to get into this started with NewIdeas which is a Facebook fanpage with a reach of at some times over 20 MILLion! A website was built to harness the power of that traffic, and was created. Now, we have several websites that all bring in monthly revenue from strategically placed ads and marketing techniques. URGrafix would like to help other stay at home moms and dads or businesses do what we’ve been doing so we’ve decided to put together a pricing package to allow this.

What will we do?

[drop_cap]Dependable Hosting[/drop_cap]

You will get a hosting account setup that is ready for any amount of traffic you you throw at it. Trust me, we’ve been through many hosting companies so we know a thing or two about who to recommend.

[drop_cap]Publisher Accounts[/drop_cap]

If you haven’t already, we will assist with setting up publisher accounts with various advertisement places that we will be installing your ads. Some places require an established domain with a decent amount of traffic already coming to it. That is why we will start with the best places, and add more later (if applicable).


Every website needs a logo and custom graphics. You will have a custom designed logo, we will establish a color scheme and make sure all graphics match.

[drop_cap]Facebook Page & Graphics[/drop_cap]

Facebook is a necessity if you want the best exposure (our opinion  of course). Because of this, we will include custom graphics and setup a new page if you don’t have one already. You will need a personal account so we can make you an admin. If you don’t know how to manage one, we will help or at least point you to some good tutorials. We’re here to help. 🙂

[drop_cap]Website Design[/drop_cap]

Website will be built around ad placement. Responsive, mobile friendly websites are a must and so are responsive ads. Leave the design and layout to us, you just worry about getting quality content that your viewers want to read and share with their friends and family. All it takes is for one article to go viral and you could be set for a long time.


It helps to have someone there that knows what you are trying to do and can help you maximize your earning potential. We have the resources and know how to do this. More information coming soon on support levels.

What do you have to do?

Create content! Do you like to build things? Do you like to teach? Can you make videos? The topics and things that you can create to make something like this work, are endless. When you leave all the above stuff to us, you can focus on what you do best. All you need to know how to do as far as your website goes, can be as little as simply writing an email. Each post you make (we’ll cover later) has the potential of becoming the next big viral post. When we’ve done our part, you could be set! Did I mention, could be?

Could be means this: You need to generate a good amount of traffic to really start seeing money coming in. This is why the content you create needs to be something others (not just you) would want to share and send to someone. You also want to keep the content somewhat related that way there is more of a chance someone would want to subscribe to new posts!

If all of this sounds like something you could do… We have come up with some pricing that is more affordable than our basic website package.

One time fee: $750paypal-icon

Monthly fee: $29.95/mo or $300/yr

You will have a brand, a facebook page that’s connected to your website, ads installed and ready to generate revenue (with your hard work and content). We will be a chat session away to help and ready to assist with troubleshooting issues as they come up.

Please note that we will need to access login information to some of the accounts we setup for you. If you have a problem trusting us, that might make it hard for us to do our job. We have a very good reputation and we would never want to jeopardize that. You can read our testimonials if you wish also. 🙂

If this all sounds awesome but still too much of an initial investment for you? Send us an email. Depending on the circumstances, we may still be able to help. Profit sharing with a deposit may be available and more information available on request.



Current Special Pricing through the month of May

***Current Special Pricing through the month of May***

[drop_cap]Option 1 (exp 5/31/15)[/drop_cap] $350 down. $350 following month. $350 following month. $1050 total spread over 3 months. Turnaround on this deal is our standard 1-3 weeks depending on the availability of your content (text, images, info you must supply).

[drop_cap]Option 2[/drop_cap] $900 paid up front. $150 savings. Same turnaround, although you will move to the top of the priority list. Expect a 1-2 weeks.

What you get:

Logo design – 100% custom. Revisions until you are 100% satisfied!

Website design – Mobile friendly, not a site-builder, connected to social media, search engine optimized, Google Analytics in the dashboard, etc.*

Facebook fanpage + custom matching graphics (also connected to your website via FB developer app).

Additional and optional expenses

Website hosting $150-$300/year

Low to medium expected traffic – $150/year High traffic (ad revenue site) $300/year or $29/month

Website maintenance $150-300/year

Basic maintenance includes plugin updates, site backups, and other very useful services that WordPress website owners need to have done in order to have a smooth running website. Read more here.

If you are wanting one of the following types of websites, there may be some additional charges due to the fact that they take a lot more work. These include:

Classified Listing websites

Online Auction websites

Online E-commerce websites

Affiliate store websites

Online Community websites

If you have an idea for a website or business idea and want a custom quote or a special feature, just message us. Chances are, we can build it.

Anybody can afford a good website

URGrafix has been helping businesses develop professional brand identities since 2009. Combined experience in the field for well over 25 years, getting better with every new project. If you want to create an online presence or improve your existing brand image, UR Grafix has you covered. We work very closely within the booming cannabis market as well as other businesses including websites meant for generating ad revenue. Here are several very different types of websites we currently maintain and designed:


General blogging / ad revenue generating site utilizing multiple types of adsnifymagSlide


Dispensary in Colorado


Local pest control


Review site (cannabis industry)


General blogging / ad revenue (cannabis industry)


General blogging / ad revenue generating site utilizing multiple types of ads



Non profit website


We are a small team with the talent of a large group equipped to handle any task when it comes to making your business look good.

We handle everything from purchasing the domain, setting up and hosting your website in house.

Want to know what else is awesome? Building websites is just one of our specialties. Anybody can throw together a website, but only a graphic designer can make it look good also. We stay up to date with the latest standards so you can rest assured that your website will be responsive, match your company brand, be connected to your social media, and also make sure wherever your brand is represented, you will look good.

Don’t have a logo? Most of the times we include custom logo design with our website projects. Why? Because we consider the logo to be the most important part in developing a recognizable brand. This also sets up the color scheme and gives us a starting point for the rest of your needed graphics including (but not limited to) flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

Check out our portfolio by visiting or you can view our albums on

Want to hear our latest special? 

Why every designer needs Adobe Illustrator

A common problem designers or artists have when it comes to creating art for merchandise or print (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) is the designs are made using raster graphics. Raster graphic examples are photos, jpg’s taken off of the internet, graphics that are really only good for using in the same size originally created. When you take a file that is on the internet and want to blow it up for a poster or t-shirt design, you have to be working with the right file type. This article shows a very good example and explanation of raster vs vector.

Today we were able to help someone who is also involved in the cannabis community, Ashley Weber, solve a minor problem that involved a great design just needing to be vectorized for this similar purpose. She has given me permission to use her original artwork and explain what I did and how I did it. The end result turned out getting 5 stars so I wanted to share with UR Grafix fans. 🙂

unnamed (2)This here is the original flyer in jpg format. She had the psd file which had individual layers which make it easier (for me, at least) to create a vector version. When you are the creator of the original psd file, it’s best to keep the shape layers and text layers in their original format which is somewhat vectorized. When you rasterize one of those layer types, you no longer have the ability to resize without getting pixelly results.

The best option would have been to find the fonts used in the original file. When you are working with the fonts directly, you are working with vector files. When you vectorize font that was rasterized first, illustrator thinks it’s a picture so it will always be a little off.

I have found that taking a layer that is a single color (aside from white) and then using the image trace feature in illustrator, setting the preset option to “Black & white logo” gets the best initial result. Then, you can clean it up and get the colors matched up. There might be an easier way to do this but it’s been working for me! It seems to do the trick for graphics that I didn’t create myself. I will write a tutorial later explaining more in detail. 🙂


You will see some noticeable differences in this finished product. Because the fonts were unknown (at the time) and the detail in some of the layers were hard to make out, I had to improvise a little. The larger P4P was available to me in a separate file that was easier for illustrator to do it’s magic. I cleaned up a new twitter icon and a vectorized fb icon I had on hand. I also removed the gradient in the hand graphic (I matched the primary colors green & blue to make up for it) and I was able to get another silhouette of the boy & father since again the layer in the psd file was a little difficult to make out.

This project made me think of a few tips that helped me get to where I am now. Like the designer of the original artwork, I was self taught and have gone through trial and error along with tons and tons of tutorials.

Tip #1 invest in Illustrator, if not the entire creative suite. I can’t recommend any other. Photoshop & Illustrator should be in every graphic designers software arsenal. 🙂

Tip #2 keep shape layers & text layers (in photoshop) in their original layer formatting. It makes it easy if you need to resize later or vectorize it like in this instance.

Tip #3 when you can, shy away from gradients in logos, or anything that will be used for print and internet. Printing places usually charge more when multiple colors are used and gradients use lots of colors. It’s way easier to just use solid colors for official designs that will represent your company or brand. At least when it comes time to take something from internet to print. 🙂

Now that that is out of the way, everyone reading should go take a minute to read Ashley’s story and check out what she is doing. Along with helping the Parents4Pot organization with this awesome flyer, she has a pretty inspirational story and she deserves a few hits to her website. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Sharing is caring! UR Grafix thrives off of word of mouth and referrals. Have a wonderful Friday eve! 🙂