About URGrafix

URGrafix is a small team of graphic & website developers who have been working hard to provide the best customer service and top quality work over the past ten years just about. Jessica and joe have a well established spot in the cannabis community and have worked with some of the top names in the industry. They look forward to building long lasting relationships with their clients and treat everyone as if they were high dollar high budget clients even though their rates are closer to an amateurs rates.

URGrafix, aka Unrated Grafix (name retired several years ago but still refer to it sometimes), works off of the rule of Karma when it comes to business relationships. We stick to our word and communicate primarily via email, text, chat, or other forms of written communication so there is no later confusion on projects. At this time, everything is ran out of a home office keeping the overhead very low which they pass on to their clients!

What can URGrafix help me with?

First thing first is a logo. Every business, organization, club, etc. needs a logo. That way you can put it on everything to help spread the word! We offer custom logo designs with unlimited revisions because the logo process is so important! We know it must be perfect and we don’t like to nickel & dime our clients, especially on this first important step of their journey.

Once you have a logo, you need to tell people about it. This is best and easily done with a business card. Yes you can go to vista print, or an online place and use a template for pretty cheap. So can anybody else that goes to their site. Meaning, you are going to have the same design as a ton (if not thousands) of other people. We prefer to make custom designs to match your new brand. We take every new company and create something that really makes your business stand out against your competitors. That is our goal. We can help with every step of the way even if you are not too computer savvy.

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Social media is very important to your new brand. We have systems in place to help promote and fully automate some of these social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We can create custom cover photos with your new logo and if you are not quite ready for the expense of a website, we can even set up a domain name and have it forward to a Facebook Fanpage or other social media account. We can really work with any budget.

Thanks to Stonerhosting, we can even offer a free year of hosting! Once you are ready for your website, we can create one that is responsive (looks great on all screen sizes), search engine optimized, integrated to all your new social media accounts, and fully customized to your new brand. We make sure to include google analytics right in your dashboard so you know what kind of traffic you’re getting right off the bat. If you have a product or products to sell, we can build you a fully automated e-commerce site that you can track stock, setup coupons, affiliate management systems, membership sites, you name it we can build it.

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Vinyl Decals are now on our list! We can create custom vinyl signs perfect for your windows (vehicle, store, etc.). We have a variety of colors and can cut up to 30″ by 100″ or more and create apply-able vinyl decals shipped to your door ready to be professional installed. Local customers may have an installation option depending on location. Email us for a quote! jess.urgrafix@gmail.com

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Coming soon services!


Stickers (Slaps)

Custom packaging

and more!