5 Reasons to buy URGrafix Wall Tatts (Removable Wall Decals)

5 Reasons to buy URGrafix Wall Tatts

We’ve compiled a list of reasons you should consider purchasing one of our awesome new product we call Wall Tatts. These are removable wall decals that are contour cut in awesome shapes and can be used for promotional reasons or as interior design elements.

Wall Tatts have self Adhesive!

No thumbtacks? No problem! These awesome wall decorations can be put up and moved without any hassle. No more ugly and hard to repair thumbtack holes when you are indecisive on where you want to display your art.

Wall Tatts by URGrafix. Art by Mighty High

They can be cut into shapes other posters wouldn’t dare…

Wall Tatts by URGrafix. Art by Darby Krow

Use to spruce up boring closet doors!

Wall Tatts by URGrafix. Art by Darby Krow

Promote your brand… in a big way!

Create Removable & Repositionable branding to your business’s bare walls!

Heard enough? Check out our featured artist removable wall Decals by Darby Krow available in our shop. You can also purchase a custom wall tatt here! We can also help with design if need be. Like always, please feel free to message our page or email jess directly at jess.urgrafix@gmail.com. Joe can be reached via joec253@gmail.com

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